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Posted on 06-Dec-2018

39° today and our dry-grown Muscat a Petit Grains is looking nice and healthy in the hot Barossa summer. Oh, also: Mill About Vineyard is managed completely chemicals-free and fully organically grown. This is what you taste in your wine made from Mill About Vineyard's Muscat: summer, nature, sun,...

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Posted on 02-Dec-2018

Another week - another increase in the search for organic wine! More and more people are starting to pay attention not only to what they put on their plates but also to what they put in their wine glasses! it's a wonderful thing! Do try our natural wines - their not only from fully organically-gr...

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Posted on 30-Nov-2018

Book your appointment to visit us, for 1-hour intro to natural winemaking + vineyard tour + wine tasting. This experience is for wine and nature lovers who appreciate the art of winemaking, and want to learn more about the year-long journey from grape to glass.

Posted on 29-Nov-2018

FAQ: How to store natural wine?

Natural wines continue to develop in the bottle so it is very important to store them properly:

* Light: store your wine in darker conditions as excessive light can prematurely age and spoil it.

* Temperature: keep your wine at a stable temperature between 10 to...

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Posted on 26-Nov-2018

Here's the final result of a few weeks labour - the semi-circular rose garden at Mill About Vineyard is ready! The small pond in the middle includes a sun-operated floating fountain

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Posted on 14-Nov-2018

A new rose garden being created at Mill About Vineyard - there will be a fountain in the middle of the circle, the arch will be covered by the two climbing roses on each side, the paths will be defined by a low hedge. And, of course the roses will grow to gorgeous aromatic bushes. A nice spot rel...

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grapes, wine and vineyard experience

  • The best Barossa natural wines: Red wine, Rose wine, Orange wine, White wine

    We make premium quality wines in Barossa Valley, using traditional winemaking methods. Natural winemaking is a centuries old tradition that has become the “new black” in today’s wine world. While a few years ago it was referred to as “witchcraft” by some wine critics, natural wines are gaining huge popularity across the world and changing the game for the better. Our single-vineyard wines from our organically-grown grapes and contain no additives or preservatives of any kind, vegan-friendly. Premium wines, at $30 per bottle: red wine (Tinto Rosso), orange/amber wine (Ambrato), rose wine (Barrica Rose). Contact us to order our premium Barossa natural wine!
  • Unique Barossa vineyard and wine experiences (by appointment)

    Come along for an informal “show & tell” about the “secrets” of natural winegrowing and winemaking, and taste the best natural wine Barossa has to offer! Meet with Stan, grape-grower and winemaker, who will tell you about his natural winemaking philosophy and methods. Stan will tell you the story of each wine, from the grape bunch to the glass, and he may also suggest music pairings for each wine – as his passion for natural winemaking is only matched by his passion for music! Our property is wheelchair-accessible. 1 hour Intro to natural winemaking + vineyard tour + wine tasting, $30 (price per person, min 2 people). Contact us to book a unique Barossa Vineyard experience!
  • Organically-grown grapes: Grenache, Muscat, Mataro, Vermentino, Saperavi

    In 2017 we started selling some of our grapes to winemakers interested in organically-grown grapes: 100+ year-old Grenache and Muscat, and younger Mataro/Mourvèdre. In 2018 we planted Vermentino vines, and grafted our 100+ year-old Semillon vines to Saperavi. We work with nature and manage our vineyard with no chemical input of any kind. We maintain permanent grass cover on the soil, to support the rich biological soil life and protect the ground from drying out in hot weather. We mulch newly planted vines, and only spray the vineyard with tea from compost, herbs and seaweed. We prune the vines by hand, observing favorable moon cycles. $1,700 per ton, contact us to arrange time to view the vineyard and order superb quality organically-grown grapes.

natural wines in Barossa

Order the best natural wines that Barossa has to offer!

We make premium wines from 100% estate-grown grapes (no chemicals, dry grown vineyard) and with no added preservatives at any stage in the winemaking or bottling process.  


Stan follows the most strict natural winemaking methods. As our organically grown grapes have everything  that wine needs, “nothing is added, nothing is taken away”. Our authentic wines are elegant and expressive, with no added sulfites or any other preservatives. Not even at bottling! 

There are no additives to manipulate the wine’s taste or flavor, no filtering, no fining.

The wines quietly ferment in beewax lined clay pots while wild yeasts do their magic, and mature in old oak, listening to music all the time – as Stan’s love for wine is only matched by his love for music!  Order wine online:

  • Tinto Rosso (red wine)
  • Ripasso (red wine)
  • Ambrato (orange/amber wine)
  • Barrica Rose (rose wine)

All our wines are vegan-friendly. Drink now or cellar for 2-3 years. Delivered free in Australia. 

Contact us for details. 

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